EVV CON 2022 Fact Sheet

Date: Saturday April 23, 2022 – tentative schedule at evvcon.com

Theme: Elevate the Value of Virtual

Registration: Free attendee registration at evvcon.com

Overview: EVV CON is organized by members of well-known public speaking and professional development organization who meet online for their peers — and anyone else interested in elevating the value of virtual presentations. Featured speakers at the first two events in December 2020 and June 2021 included Patricia Fripp, Mark Brown, Darren LaCroix, Linda-Marie Miller, and Fursey Gotuaco. Workshops included Roger Courville on virtual presentations, David Beckett on delivering a pitch, and Derrick Trimble on creativity.

More than 800 people registered to attend our last event on Zoom, with more watching on Facebook Live or viewing the replays (2,500+ YouTube channel views).

EVV CON 2022 will feature world-renowned speakers, rising stars, and the EVV CON Webinar Contest, an unofficial contest format that allows a well-known public speaking and professional development organization demonstrate their skills at making the best use of the virtual presentation format.

EVV CON particularly serves the members of online a well-known public speaking and professional development organization clubs, providing the unofficial equivalent of a “district conference” for online clubs that may be undistricted or not fit neatly into the district structure because not all members live within the district’s boundaries. The event is open to all.

Webinar Contest: While not an official webinar contest format from the public speaking organization many of us know and love, the EVV CON Webinar Contest was designed specifically to test mastery of skills used to present effectively online. Participating public speaking clubs are encouraged to hold their own contest following the format outlined here to pick a contestant to represent them.