Tech Tips: Video Replay and Resources from EVV CON June 2021

One of the hits from EVV CON June 2021 was a rapid-fire series of presentations on technologies for speakers and leaders, led by Lois Margolin. Watch the replay — and if you didn’t attend live, be sure next time you’re on hand to ask questions!

Here are the resources speakers shared in the chat:

David F. Carr website signup – free for 6 months

Training – Tuesday June 29 @ 7 PM EDT

Work with me on your pro speaker website

Connect with me professionally as a writer, editor, and digital consultant

Jay Ligda

Jim Guld

Jim Guld,

Mar Canno

Michelle Willemse

Ping Hendra

The one the judges your show is the listener

Roxanne Hosein Powell

Vikas Jain

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