Susan Lindner: “Innovation storytelling” (Replay)

Storytelling is both art and science, so mastering both is naturally challenging. When we unlock the secrets of great corporate leaders, the prophets, and even neuroscientists, we can translate our virtual presentations into electric, viral, and impactful talks that people can’t wait to share with others.

This is especially true when we’re discussing breakthrough concepts and innovative ideas about the future that require us to take the listener to places they’ve only dreamed of going.

This talk will cover the most important concepts and techniques of “story-speaking” to virtual audiences by implanting emotional and linguistic devices into your talks and compelling others to come along for the ride by sharing your ideas long after the talk has ended.

About the Speaker

Cultural Anthropologist. Brand Marketer. Disruptor. Susan Lindner got her start as an AIDS educator in the brothels of Thailand, helping turn prostitutes into entrepreneurs. Today, she’s the founder of Emerging Media, a branding, PR, and marketing agency dedicated to helping tech founders reach their finish lines. Her award-winning strategies have gotten 10 companies acquired, and she is now hell-bent on sharing them with the world. Susan speaks to startups, innovators, and top executives from 60+ countries at AT&T, Citi, Corning, CapitalOne, GE, PWC, VMware, and at global conferences, consulates, and trade organizations about strategic storytelling, mastering the message and the media for maximum impact.

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