Sponsor or Donate

The well-known public speaking organization that many of our volunteers are affiliated with has ruled club funds cannot be used to support this event (seeĀ disclaimer). However, the organizers would appreciate help offsetting event expenses and potentially investing in advertising to broaden the reach of EVV CON.

If you would like to make a donation toward event expenses as an individual, you may do that using the form below.

Amount (USD, minimum 5.00):

Corporate Sponsors

Any business that would like to sponsor the event at the $200 level will be recognized on this event website and during the live event. Attracting one or more sponsor companies would allow us to broaden the reach of the event, for example by taking advantage of online advertising.

Another possibility would be an in-kind donation of promotional or other professional services. Write to sponsor@evvcon.com with your ideas.

Role of Carr Communications

Carr Communications Inc., the company of event chair David F. Carr, hosts the website. Most of the work of putting together this event is done by volunteers.