Sheri Fitts: Make an Emotional Connection When Speaking Online

Saturday April 23, 2022 6:15 PM EDT to 6:45 PM EDT

Learn to make an emotional connection with your audience, overcoming the obstacles of distance and technology.

It’s scientifically proven: People are emotional beings. And emotions underlie their decision-making. 

This could mean a 180-degree gut-check for many professionals, who traditionally operate in the realm of process-driven, rational thought. As all businesses increasingly interact with clients online, the need to connect emotionally has never been stronger. Behavioral science tells us that humans facing consequential decisions draw primarily on their emotional intelligence (EQ). But how do you make those influential connections in the digital sphere? At the intersection of emotional intelligence and digital influence is digitalEQ™. 

If EQ is the ability to discern, comprehend and manage our own emotions as well those of others, digitalEQ is the ability to evolve and apply EQ through digital channels, including video, social media, websites, webcasts, podcasts and email. The Compete for Mindshare with digitalEQ™ session is designed to help attendees move toward more authentic and personalized client engagement. The goal? To show you how to foster deeper emotional client connections that drive long-term, mutually rewarding commitments and relationships.

  • Explore how emotional intelligence fits into your sales and marketing strategy.
  • Discover how emotional intelligence lives and thrives at the intersection of neuroscience — and how story can be the fastest way to connect.
  • Learn simple ways to practice and enhance your emotional intelligence.

About the Speaker

Sheri Fitts not only believes that ideas and empathy are a professional’s true currency — she’s been advocating it for nearly 30 years. An internationally recognized financial services speaker, success coach, social media expert (Deconstructing Digital), and visionary pioneer of digital emotional intelligence (digitalEQ™), she’s helped firms and individuals build brands, deepen client relationships, and drive sales and revenue growth. 

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