Jenny Liu: Empower Ethical Choices

Saturday April 23, 2022 7:10 PM EDT to 7:40 PM EDT

Grow as a leader to create a more ethical future.

Since America’s #1 fear is no longer public speaking, but corrupt government officials (according to Chapman University’s annual survey since 2015), how do you nurture ethical leadership? Without positive examples who make it psychologically safe to speak up, “ethical people make unethical choices” (according to a Harvard Business Review post)

Most organizations, ranging from homeowners associations to corporations, use parliamentary procedure for orderly meetings that facilitate group discussion.  By ensuring the minority’s voice is heard with opposing views and majority rules, one decision at a time, business meetings can become more effective with inclusive decision-making for membership retention.  To achieve this, most members who learn and use a parliamentary authority, such as Robert’s Rules of Order, are likely to abide by the governing documents of the organizations that they signed agreements to belong to for ethical conduct. 

To have fun practicing parliamentary procedure, play a role to help the Mad Hatter adjourn his never-ending tea party with mock debates and votes amidst disruptive, but diverse, characters from Alice in Wonderland. In addition, compare how you’d resolve various ethical dilemmas via polls.

About the Speaker

As a management consultant, Jenny Liu advises executives at Fortune 500 companies on how to digitally transform their businesses in the healthcare industry.  With compelling customer experiences, operational excellence, and business model reinvention, Ms. Liu helps clients outperform their competitors.

As a Hakka (Chinese) American with entrepreneurial roots, Ms. Liu mentors start-ups and coaches various nonprofit organizations.  In her leisure, she is studying to become a Registered Parliamentarian and enjoys dragon boat racing, heli-boarding, and electronic sports.


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