We’re a little more than a month away from our April 23 event celebrating excellence in virtual presentations, newly renamed EVV CON: Elevate the Value of Virtual. Register now, if you haven’t already, at evvcon.com.

The goal of this event is to encourage speakers and leaders to go beyond the necessity of communicating online or in hybrid formats, to maximizing the potential of virtual speaking. In addition to our contest for webinar-style presentations and short Tech Tips talks, you will hear from speakers including:

  • Mike Carr, who knows something about making the best of the online medium — he won the World Championship of Public Speaking in 2020, the first year that the public speaking contest was held online. (See his speech, The Librarian and Mrs. Montgomery). We’ve asked Mike to share some of what he has learned about virtual presentation technique, while also serving as Master of Ceremonies for our webinar contest.
  • Cat Mulvihill: “7 Tips to Lead More Engaging Virtual Presentations.” You may know Cat from her excellent online presentation tech tutorials on YouTube, but this is a chance to see her live. (See blog post).
  • Amanda Mae Gray: “Elevate Your Presence on Video Calls.” Learn how to make yourself look good and project a professional presence online.
  • Dan Magill: “Help! I’m not funny.” For evidence that Dan knows something about humor in public speaking, check out this video.
  • Susan Lindner: “Innovation Storytelling for Virtual Speakers.” Susan speaks to startups, innovators, and top executives about strategic storytelling, mastering the message and the media for maximum impact.
  • Whit Andrews: “Everyone is in the Front Row and in the Back Row – The Hidden Joys and Risks of Virtual Speaking.” As a senior Gartner analyst, Whit Andrews advises CIOs and other technology leaders from around the world on the effective use of technology. See this video interview.

More details about our speaker program will be released soon. EVV CON is a volunteer-run event, and the speakers are also volunteering their services. The least we can do in return is to get them a big and welcoming audience.

Please tell everyone you know who could benefit from virtual speaking education about EVV CON and point them to evvcon.com! Our late-breaking name change (unfortunate but unavoidable) means we will need your help more than ever with word of mouth and social media marketing. I hope you will be part of making this event all it can be. We are also seeking donations and corporate sponsorships to cover event expenses and fund advertising to connect with people not already on our email list or in our network.

Thank you for your support,

David F. Carr

Chair, VTM CON

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