Replay: “Discover Your Zoom Speaker Brand” with Marquesa Pettway

Discover your Zoom Speaker Brand to grow your mission, business, company or career in this workshop from EVV CON 2020.

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About the Speaker

Marquesa Pettway

Marquesa says: “Zoom is not just a meeting platform — it’s my stage, my studio, my classroom. I want to help you leverage Zoom in your world.”

In this workshop, you’ll:

  • Explore discovering your Zoom Speaker Brand to grow your mission, business, company or career
  • See how knowing your brand helps get you more speaking engagements and related opportunities
  • Learn what to stop doing so you don’t look like an amateur
  • Know the importance of keeping current with new Zoom features

MARQUESA PETTWAY, CSP, is a former CNN Associate Producer turned Business Strategist and Professional Speaker for 15 years. Maruqesa, dubbed “The Zoom Queen”, helps experts and organizations leverage the Zoom platform resulting in engaging virtual events, smart productive meetings & multiple virtual-based income streams. She is the author of “The Speakerpreneur.

  • The 2nd professional speaker to earn the Certified Speaking Professional designation in NYC, the highest designation a professional speaker
  • Worked for CNN Biz New in NYC on Business show Managing with Lou Dobbs for 5 years
  • Columnist for Speaker Magazine for 2 years
  • Digital Emcee for Women’s Speakers Assoc. for 3 years
  • Author of “The Speakerpreneur”


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