Replay: “Design Engagement into Virtual Presentations” with Roger Courville

Roger Courville gave this workshop on how to get attention in a noisy world at EVV CON 2020.

Roger’s key points

  • Think of attention in three categories: sensory, cognitive, social
  • Use a complete thought in the slide title
  • Enagage with “back of room” font sizes
  • Think skill before tool
  • Bridge transactional distance with “analyze, map, adapt”
  • Tap into “picture superiority effect”
  • Think beyond the slide
  • Think beyond the device
  • Study Hollywood’s attention tactics
  • (Re)claim attention with “pattern interrupts”

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About the Speaker

Roger Courville, CSP has been called “The Michael Jordan of Virtual Presentations.” He’s an award-winning speaker and author who brings evidence-based tactics to transforming boring webinars. His work includes working with organizations as diverse as Pfizer, FedEx, Australia Institute of Training and Development, American Management Association, US Bank and, of course, a well-known public speaking and professional development organization. And he loves habaneros.


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