Outreach 2022

As part of the planning for EVV CON 2022, I’m working on enlisting clubs to sponsor this year’s event, scheduled for April 23. This will be the third edition of EVV CON, which was created to serve as an unofficial “district conference” for online a well-known public speaking and professional development organization clubs.

Planning so far has included confirming as speakers Mike Carr (2020 World Champion of Public Speaking with  The Librarian and Mrs. Montgomery) and Cat Mulvihill (whom you may know from her excellent set of YouTube videos on virtual presentation skills). There is still a lot more to be done. Preliminary details below.

Please write back with any questions. Or let me know if there’s someone else I should be contacting.

Committing as a Sponsor

Please write back with your informal “yes” or “no” about whether your club will contribute to the planning and wants to be recognized as a sponsor. To be recognized as a sponsor, your club will need to contribute $7.50 USD toward event expenses (online payment page here). We also look to our sponsor clubs to provide most of the volunteers who will organize and run the event.

Benefits of sponsorship: Paid sponsor status is a prerequisite for participation in the webinar contest (more about that below). In addition, we hope your club will see the marketing and recruiting value of joining as a sponsor, as well as the leadership opportunities for your members.

You can see some of the promo videos created by sponsor clubs on our YouTube channel. We shared them in advance of the event and played them during breaks on the day of the event.

Deadline to commit: March 15.

We also welcome individual volunteers, independent of whether their club decides to become an official sponsor.

Fact Sheet

Date: Saturday April 23, 2022 – tentative schedule at evvcon.com

Theme: Elevate the Value of Virtual

Registration: Free attendee registration at evvcon.com

Overview: EVV CON is organized by online a well-known public speaking and professional development organization for online a well-known public speaking and professional development organization — and anyone else interested in elevating the value of virtual presentations. Featured speakers at the first two EVV CON events in December 2020 and June 2021 included Patricia Fripp, Mark Brown, Darren LaCroix, Linda-Marie Miller, and Fursey Gotuaco. Workshops included Roger Courville on virtual presentations, David Beckett on delivering a pitch, and Derrick Trimble on creativity.

More than 800 people registered to attend the last EVV CON live on Zoom, with more watching on Facebook Live or viewing the replays (2,500+ YouTube channel views).

EVV CON 2022 will feature world-renowned speakers, rising stars, and the EVV CON Webinar Contest, an unofficial contest format that allows a well-known public speaking and professional development organization demonstrate their skills at making the best use of the virtual presentation format.

EVV CON particularly serves the members of online a well-known public speaking and professional development organization clubs, providing the unofficial equivalent of a “district conference” for online clubs that may be undistricted or not fit neatly into the district structure because not all members live within the district’s boundaries. The event is open to all, including non-a well-known public speaking and professional development organization.

Call for Speakers: In addition to conducting outreach to speakers we would like to recruit, the VTM Talent Committee is currently reviewing from proposals from speakers who have something exceptional to share related to our event theme. Presentations should be more than a sales pitch, delivering inherent value to the audience regardless of whether they hire you to provide coaching or other products and services. However, we will provide breakout room opportunities for interested audience members to learn about you and what you offer. Application details at evvcon.com/talent/

Sponsoring Clubs: The EVV CON organizers hope to expand on the dozen clubs who sponsored our last event, providing volunteers as well as financial support. In return, EVV CON provides leadership and networking opportunities outside of the traditional geographical district structure. Sponsor clubs will be asked to contribute $7.50 USD toward event expenses, due March 15, 2022. Contact vtm-outreach@evvcon.com.

Webinar Contest: While not an official webinar contest format, the EVV CON Webinar Contest was designed specifically to test mastery of skills used to present effectively online. EVV CON sponsor clubs are encouraged to hold their own contest following the format outlined here to pick a contestant to represent them. We anticipate that more clubs will participate this year, making it necessary to also hold one or more semifinals competition events to pick a smaller number of competitors who will speak at the main EVV CON event. Contest chair: TBD.

The speaker must come from an official sponsor club, paid and in good standing.

Eligibility to participate in the webinar contest is limited to members of online-only a well-known public speaking and professional development organization clubs. One change from previous EVV CON events is that members of districted as well as undistricted online clubs are welcome to compete (previously, eligibility was limited to members of undistricted online clubs). However, eligibility is restricted to members of online-only clubs, not clubs that sometimes meet online or that follow a hybrid format with mixed online-offline attendance. If a club is not listed on the Online-Only Clubs page on toastmasters.org, it must provide alternate proof of online-only status (such as charter paperwork) before sending a member to the EVV CON contest.