Planning our next event and reengaging with Toastmasters International

I just got out of a “lessons learned” session with members of the EVV CON team. We do want to do the event again (and better), targeting October 2023.

In addition to thinking October would present fewer conflicts with district events than April, we want to allow time for proper planning — including identifying the next group of event leaders and trying to reengage with Toastmasters International.

We would prefer to negotiate some way of running our next event as an official Toastmasters event. After two years of running what used to be called VTM CON as an “unofficial conference for online clubs,” this time around we ran into issues with TI branding and legal that forced us to change the name of the event and restricted our ability to promote it through Toastmasters channels.

If you believe there is a need for an event like this focused on excellence in online speaking, please communicate that to any board or HQ staff contacts you may have. We believe we’ve created something that should be an asset for the Toastmasters brand, not in conflict with it.

If Toastmasters International leadership doesn’t see it that way, there are still enough of us who see the value and will volunteer as individuals (if not as Toastmasters) to put on another event. But we will at least try to patch things up.

Meanwhile, although the conference team discussed a number of things we want to do differently next time, we are proud of what we pulled off. If you haven’t seen the replays from our April 23 event, check them out.

Please write if you would like to be part of the leadership team for next time.

Yours virtually and for real,

David F. Carr, chair, EVV CON April 2022

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