David Beckett, “The Pitch Story Framework” (Video from EVV CON June 2021)

You’ve got an idea, and want to bring people along to support you or buy your product and service. You feel the need to tell them all about it, so they understand your proposition – and yet, they have no time to hear the details, and want a short pitch. How do you manage the time pressure? What should you tell, and what should you leave out? How do you get them to take the next step? 

In this practical, actionable workshop, David Beckett walks you through the seven simple steps you need to create and deliver your winning pitch. Whether you are a solopreneur, startup or working in a larger company, his Pitch Story© Framework will help you sell your ideas and get action from your audience – and they will remember you.

About David Beckett

David Beckett is an international pitch coach, who has trained over 1400 Startups to win over €340Million in investment. He’s also trained more than 20,000 professionals at companies such as Booking.com, Tommy Hilfiger, ING, PwC and Google in 29 countries, as well as over 30 TEDx speakers. David is the creator of The Pitch Canvas©, author of the book Pitch To Win, and host of The Essential Pitch podcast. 

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/davidbeckettpresentationcoach

Podcast: anchor.fm/essential-pitch

Website: Best3Minutes.com

Twitter: @best3minutes

Facebook: facebook.com/Best3Minutes

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