Amanda Mae Gray: “Elevate your presence on video calls” (Replay)

When you feel confident on camera, your clients or audience feels confident in you. Looking professional on video calls is now a skill required to stand out from the competition and be the most impactful when speaking. This workshop gives you the three pillars to focus on to create a more elevated presence with the game plan to execute and the checklist to refer back to.

We will go over best practices for setting up your space that doesn’t require a lot of money or space, why audio is actually the most important, and how to get in the right mindset just before speaking. We can also cover your personal appearance with what to wear and quick ways to look put together in a flash. 

Your attendees will feel empowered to turn on the camera knowing they can show up looking just as professional as they would in person.

About the Speaker

Amanda Mae Gray is an on-camera expert with 18 years of experience as a model, actress, spokesmodel, and YouTuber. She learned all the insider secrets to being on camera then transferred those skills to video calls and creating a home studio that pops. Now she her company helps business professionals discover how they can conquer the camera for video calls, internal trainings, and social media.






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